Make The Best Use Of Your Old Grolsch Bottles

Grolsch bottle as a vase

Used for bottling or a vase

If you are an avid beer bottle collector, then you will be surely possessing swing-top design Grolsch bottles with you which can be reused to create some of the most exquisite decorative items that might find a place in many of the common areas in your home. As swing top Grolsch bottles have the property of being resealed, most of the homeowners use this bottle to store homebrew beer or also for storing fresh juices in the undercounter ice maker for you. It is very important or you to sanitize the Grolsch bottles thoroughly before storing homemade beverages. The attractive looking green Grolsch bottles are the best flower vase that you can possibly think of using to decorate your dining table or a side table.

Showcase piece and as a candle stand

If you fill the green colored or hued Grolsch bottles with fine sand interspaced by small pebbles and rocks of various shades, the bottle will be one of the prized possessions that you can place in the showcase. Also, filling at least half the bottle with sand and then inserting a long candle inside the bottle will be one of the unique and stylish candles stands that you will ever possess. There are many more imaginations that you can think of wherein you will be able to use Grolsch bottles as a masterpiece decorative item. Be it in the bar or your living room or your bedroom, if you have the right mentality to create a unique look out of Grolsch bottles, then you have some of the most elegant, luxurious looking showcase pieces with you. So, what are you waiting for, grab hold of a couple of Grolsch bottles from any store and put your wacky brains to work to come up with various uses of Grolsch bottles