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Choose The Juice Extractor That Suits You


Fresh fruit juice is a healthy way to start a day and a juice made from home has its own essence and taste. Moreover, the juices prepared in shops are not as healthy as it looks. The extractors are not regularly cleaned up and a continuous extraction heats the machine, which results in the reduction of the nutritional value of the juice. Therefore, a juice extractor is essential in every kitchen to make it complete.

When buying a juicer, there are certain things to be considered. The first thing to be taken into consideration is the cleaning process that comes along with any extractor. Look for a machine with the less complicated cleaning process. Remember, it is for daily use. That being the case, a tedious cleaning process will make you easily give up juice preparation and consumption.

The second thing to be considered is the percentage yield. See to that, the amount of juice extracted for the fruit fed is optimum; otherwise, it results in wastage of money, energy, time and electricity. Also, take your taste and requirement into account. For instance, if you are fond of hard fruit juices such as apple juice, pineapple juice, etc. you have to go for masticating fruit extractors. Or if your choice is citrus fruit juice, you have to check out if the additional accessory to support citrus juice extraction comes along with the extractor.

The third thing to be considered is the material of the extractor. In general, a stainless steel juice extractor is recommended for it remains corrosion resistant and as a result delays oxidation. Therefore, the quality of the juice will not be affected. Though it decorates your kitchen with its royal looks and does not compromise on the quality of the extract, the cleaning process is quite tiring when compared to a plastic juice extractor. If you are conscious about health and can compromise on price, then stainless steel extractor should be your choice.

The last thing to be taken into consideration is the guarantee and warranty issuance. If a company fails to issue these papers, then your money might go in vain. Prompt and appropriate service is always appreciated. With the above-mentioned papers in your hand, service can be expected if your portable blending juice machine fails to work properly. See to that the spare parts of your machine are mentioned in the manual. To get a clear picture of the spare parts and its availability, talk to your dealer before purchase.

Fruit juice remains healthy only when the equipment is kept clean. All juice extractor comes with a complicated cleaning process. Cleaning is made easier when the spare parts are soaked in water for a while before you start to clean. Make use of a brush for blades to remove all the pulp. A healthy fruit juice facilitates a robust living.