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What are some most interesting breakfast table and chairs?

Breakfast tables are usually small and cozy set up for family only and can seat 2-4 people. They are used on a daily purpose for breakfast or any other major meal. Due to the daily utility, breakfast table and chairs need to be functionally equipped and simple. Breakfast table and chairs are set up in the kitchen area or close to it, and some houses may have a bigger dining table for hosting dinners or more number of guests. Here are some interesting breakfast table ideas to add to your kitchen area for a cozy meal with family:

interesting breakfast table and chairs

Tall tables

Simple tall black or colored table are minimally beautiful. If a colored table is used, it will add a pop of color in the kitchen and will look wonderful. Tall stools can be used instead of chairs and the setting can be converted into a bar at night time easily. An intricate vase with beautiful fresh flowers would complete the look of the table. Don’t overcrowd it, as a smaller size must be kept clutter free and simple.  Small rack shelves can be fixed on the side of the table to store bottles or kettles and sauces etc.

Glass table top

A glass table top breakfast table and chairs made of tall backrests would look modern, chic, and sleek. It looks sharp and goes wonderfully with maroon or navy walls. Glass table tops make the area appear spacious and clean. Ensure to keep the surrounding area clutter free and add colorful vases, sculptures or candles on the top to add color to it.

Vintage vibe

Cream or pink colored table with beautiful arches and carvings, along with white tufted leather chairs add a vintage vibe to the decor. This combined with a soft pink or pastel toned wall will add a romantic, Parisian charm to your kitchen area. If you are a fan of Paris and Eiffel tower, a wall decal of the same can be stuck to the wall behind the table to complete the Parisian vibe. Alternatively, a small miniature Eiffel tower can also be added on the table for a cutesy look.