Our Seaworthy Guide to Seagate Hard Drives

An informal perusal of on the internet critiques for Seagate 500GB hard drives swiftly shows a labeled compare involving pros and cons, with consumers possibly adoring or hating them – and sometimes equally for the similar design in the identical overview. This post will navigate the choppy seas of those testimonials to take that you simply customer-friendly self-help guide to the most effective and worst in the Seagate 500GB hard drive array.

There is no doubt that Seagate instructions an excellent status within the 500GB external hard drive market and this reputation by yourself accounts for a great number of very first product sales and even some recurring organization. Though the second option appears less likely it really is nonetheless borne out by customer feedback like I got the first one nevertheless it was unsuccessful, obtained a second and it been unsuccessful so I then obtained a thirdly. Only an exceptional status, along with an extremely dedicated Seagate lover, could pull off that third sale!

The Seagate hard drives received the most negative evaluations with problems based upon heating up, noisy whining sounds and very poor chipset setup which did not ensure quickly identified pc contacts. By comparison, however, the 500GB Seagate Free Agent Go fared far better. Whilst disappointments for your Free Agent were documented inside of times of buy, the Free Agent Go sustained consistently hefty use for almost per year well before failures have been reported and, in these instances, Seagate earned kudos for providing a 5 various-12 months warranty.

The 500GB Seagate Barracuda, in the beginning, endured troubles inside the first two several weeks of operations but firmware updates swiftly altered reviewers’ heads from one-legend complaints to several-star customer feedback. My favorite of these claimed the 500GB Seagate Barracuda allowed its operator to watch videos on 3 pcs in the exact same drive simultaneously while adding new files to your 4th laptop or computer. Consequently, the homeowner reported, he could put films alone to the method as he has seen Steel Guy on the plasma inside the living room area, his children loved the activities of Shrek from the rumpus room with his fantastic spouse cooed on the Children documentary from the Den. Now that’s smooth sailing, Seagate!