Is Stress Hurting You?

Is Stress Affecting Your Health or Career?

Give Me A Few Minutes and Discover How You can STOP Letting Stress Hurt You, Your Future, Your Career, Your Health, Your Relationships, & Grades! 

Is Stress Hurting You?

Dear Stressed-Out Friend:

Is stress getting the better of you? Are you overwhelmed or so stressed out you find it hard to function? Whether you’re stressed by taking an exam, by money worries, or by excessive demands at work or at home, you’re not alone!

It’s all over the news.  Stress is affecting the health of business owners across the country.  Worry about money and the economy is making people sick left and right.

They often have to work for two, because their former colleagues have left or were let go. Except… they don’t feel all that lucky. Just worn-out, tired, discouraged, and maybe depressed.

And yes, stressed… VERY STRESSED. You’d think they’d at least get rewarded for all that hard work, but no. There’s no extra pay to compensate them for the extra work, and often not even any other kind of appreciation.

Mutli-Tasking Can Be Deadly!

Yes, multi-tasking can be deadly, in a lot of ways. Studies have shown that multi-tasking while driving increases accident rates. And they have also shown that multi-tasking at work doesn’t even work! You get LESS stuff done if you try to do several things at once! All while increasing stress tremendously!

You may remember that things used to be a lot calmer, at least comparatively speaking. For the longest time, stress was just a joke. People prided themselves of being stressed. That meant they were important.  They were needed. Others were relying on them! They had too much to do.

The problem is that stress is not a joke at all, and now, we finally see it all too clearly.  Even back “then” some of those proud stressed-out people got sick eventually.  But we haven’t been hearing all that much about it — not until recently.

Now, stress is taking on epidemic proportions.  It’s no longer possible to sweep it under the rug. It’s hurting people — and killing them.

Maybe it’s “just” affecting the quality of your life, your career, your health. But if you don’t do something about it, your very life itself is at risk.

Here’s What Stress Can Do To You:

  • It affects your ability to function effectively.
  • You fall further behind, which gets you caught up in a vicious cycle.
  •  You may get depressed, wishing you could just crawl under the covers… and make it all GO AWAY!
  •  You’re “losing it” more and more often, thereby hurting the ones you love (or the ones who pay you), sabotaging your relationships and even your career.
  • You get sick and tired (quite literally)

Stress Makes You SICK!


  • Stress causes high blood pressure
  • Stress causes diabetes
  • Stress causes excess belly fat
  • Stress makes you REALLY tired, and often depressed
  • Stress causes your brain to malfunction
  • Stress makes your hair fall out
  • Stress makes your hormones get all messed up
  • Stress makes your immune system fall apart
  • Stress can cause or accelerate cancer
  • And there’s LOTS more…

Stress Can KILL You!

Not always, and generally not right away…

Though the Japanese actually have a word for it: Karoshi. Death by overwork, that’s people falling over dead from stress and overwork without warning!

And yes, karoshi happens in the U.S. as well. I bet you know of people who suddenly keel over dead. Still, you’re usually left right in middle of the situation that caused all that stress in the first place, possibly for years, all the while getting sicker and sicker, and you STILL need to figure out a way to cope.

I understand how you feel.  I’ve been there.  A LOT!  And I still find myself in those situations occasionally (more often than I’d like).

But as I struggled to survive breast cancer and being extremely broke at times, and hopelessly overworked at others, sometimes both at the same time, I discovered some very powerful techniques that helped me stay sane and keep going.

And they can help you too. By using these powerful techniques, you can quickly regain your inner calm, which allows you to do what needs to get done — quickly and efficiently. Oh …and calmly.

Take Back Your Life With These Powerful Techniques!

Stress Hurts Your Business And Career & Your Relationships!

How could that be?
Stress addles your brain so you can’t think straight.  It hurts your relationships because you become too focused on your own misery.
And stress is a people repellant too. It’s almost as if it were catching.  Come to think of it — in a way it is.
You are probably already aware of the fact that, as they say, “When it rains, it pours.”  You know they don’t say that for nothing.  You know that’s really how it works.

Stress Attracts More STRESS!

Haven’t you noticed that whenever you start the day feeling bad, things go downhill from there. 
The reverse is true as well.  When you feel good, things get better and better.
Everything’s going so much more smoothly when you’re relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.
But how do you get there?

Here Are Some Of The Things You’ll Discover:

  • Several kinds of food that will make you feel better right away.
  • Several activities you can do right at home or anywhere you like that will calm you quickly when you’re stressed.
  • A special posture and facial expression that will lift your spirits almost instantly.
  • A very powerful technique that will inprove your mood quickly in the here and now while also producing longer-lasting effects.
  • Exactly how to use music to enhance your emotional well-being.
  • A special stress-busting technique involving movies and cartoons.
  • An excuse to go shopping for special inexpensive items.
  • Several different ways to use a technique that has been proven scientifically to help people feel better.
  • Alternative ways to employ another powerful technique proven to increase people’s well-being if the usual way is not available.