Terms in Badminton

To know more about badminton you should need to know the Terms in Badminton of the International standard.

terms used in badminton

Actually, there are many terms used in Badminton, but many times among the many terms that only a few are common and more frequently used.

  • Alley – A 1.5-foot area left and right field for doubles badminton.  Playground area where the ball can be counted in or out at various times in every game.
  • Side alley – Is an area of the game on both sides of the field between the sideline to sideline for a single and double.
  • Back Alley – Area between the back boundary line long service line for doubles.
  • Backcourt – Areas of the field that is underlined rear boundary.
  • Bulk or Feint – Any movement to outwit or deceive an opponent before or during the service.
  • Baseline – The line rear end of the field, parallel to the net.
  • Backhand – Any refund or punch made from a non-dominant side of the body. Blow to the back of the hand is released to the position facing forward. for right-handed players (right handed) alias is not left-handed, backhand made to return the ball that led to the left side of the body.
  • Backhand grip – How you hold the racket to hit the ball from any refund that is not a dominant side. In badminton, the blow is usually done with a handshake or a pistol grip, with the thumb held dominant position heading up on the top side of the racket handle kin.
  • Backswing – part of racket swings that move toward the back in preparation to do the forward swing.
  • Base – The point near the middle of the field that should be targeted most of all returns your ball.
  • Bird – The thing that hit the badminton racket as a sign that the rally began. Same with the shuttle or shuttlecock.
  • Carry or Sling or Thow – Illegal tactic in which players throw a racquet for players to blow. Returns ball with surfaces racket arrested and thrown into the amazing net of badminton. The blow is sometimes referred to as throw punches. The blow is considered valid as long as the motion carried with a blow-up of normal and instead of a double blow.
  • Centre of Base position – position of center field for a single player to return after each shot.
  • Centre Line – The line that divides the field into two parts, field service.
  • Clear – Blow precise and accurate underlined opponents back boundary.