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Terms in Badminton

To know more about badminton you should need to know the Terms in Badminton of the International standard.

terms used in badminton

Actually, there are many terms used in Badminton, but many times among the many terms that only a few are common and more frequently used.

  • Alley – A 1.5-foot area left and right field for doubles badminton.  Playground area where the ball can be counted in or out at various times in every game.
  • Side alley – Is an area of the game on both sides of the field between the sideline to sideline for a single and double.
  • Back Alley – Area between the back boundary line long service line for doubles.
  • Backcourt – Areas of the field that is underlined rear boundary.
  • Bulk or Feint – Any movement to outwit or deceive an opponent before or during the service.
  • Baseline – The line rear end of the field, parallel to the net.
  • Backhand – Any refund or punch made from a non-dominant side of the body. Blow to the back of the hand is released to the position facing forward. for right-handed players (right handed) alias is not left-handed, backhand made to return the ball that led to the left side of the body.
  • Backhand grip – How you hold the racket to hit the ball from any refund that is not a dominant side. In badminton, the blow is usually done with a handshake or a pistol grip, with the thumb held dominant position heading up on the top side of the racket handle kin.
  • Backswing – part of racket swings that move toward the back in preparation to do the forward swing.
  • Base – The point near the middle of the field that should be targeted most of all returns your ball.
  • Bird – The thing that hit the badminton racket as a sign that the rally began. Same with the shuttle or shuttlecock.
  • Carry or Sling or Thow – Illegal tactic in which players throw a racquet for players to blow. Returns ball with surfaces racket arrested and thrown into the amazing net of badminton. The blow is sometimes referred to as throw punches. The blow is considered valid as long as the motion carried with a blow-up of normal and instead of a double blow.
  • Centre of Base position – position of center field for a single player to return after each shot.
  • Centre Line – The line that divides the field into two parts, field service.
  • Clear – Blow precise and accurate underlined opponents back boundary.
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Toilet seat materials – Overview



  1.         Plastic toilet seats

    1.1    Thermoset seats 

    1.2    Thermoplastic seats

    1.3    Resin toilet seats


  1.         Wooden toilet seats

    2.1    MDF wood or compressed wood

    2.2    Natural or solid wood


Principally plastic seats can offer far more comfort as they often are designed ergonomically and are easier to clean than wooden toilet seats. Wooden seats are often very heavy, whereas “heavy” does not automatically mean “better quality” as the color can come off more easily and liquids are absorbed quicker, especially when the seat has already got some cracks. Wood is the more natural material and can be painted easily and cheaply – especially in China where they are all made now – therefore wooden seats often are cheaper, too. Also, plastic seats might be a bit colder to sit on in winter than a wooden seat.

Wood toilet seats can withstand the same amount of weight and use initially as plastic seats can but over time the enamel protecting the wood chips or becomes scratched. A well-made wood toilet seat can last several years, but if the lid is slammed frequently, scratches, dents, and chips are more likely to occur and the heavy bidet toilet is preferred. When that happens, the wood is vulnerable to moisture, which causes the layers of wood to expand and eventually crack or rot. Plastic seats, although they can scratch on the surface, will not usually chip or crack under normal use. If they do, the material is not vulnerable to rot as wood is, so a chipped plastic seat can still be used for a long period. Because they tend to wear faster, wood toilet seats might not be as affordable in the long run as plastic if you factor in the cost of replacement.

1.1: Plastic seats: Thermoset 

Synthetic resin + catalyzer transformed by compression which, by a chemical reaction, manufactures a product that is made out of homogeneous material. 

Distinctive features:

The thermoset material is unscratchable.

It is very easy to clean and even after years looks like on the first day

 It is a high-quality material and aesthetically looks like ceramic – this is why it is the material used by almost all manufacturers of toilet seat ceramics/bowls 

It is proof of cigarette burns. The most common color is white, whereas different colors are available on the market (especially in France). Also, the seats can be printed, in this case, the print is “burnt” into the seat material which makes it very resistant, too.

By knocking against the seat, you can easily differ a thermoset seat from a thermoplastic seat. It sounds deeper and less “plastic”.

What you can find sometimes within the thermoset/duroplast family of seats are so-called “antibacterial” materials. Principally, this is more a marketing instrument of the manufacturers of such seats to sell more toilet seats and to differ the offer from other toilet seat manufacturers. The manufacturers add silver ions to the material (which nobody can prove…) and silver is supposed to “kill” the germs quicker than if there weren’t any of those ions. 

As said, as long as you clean your seat on a regular basis, you do not need to pay any extra for “antibacterial” seats. Rather spend more money on the hinges and go for a quick release hinge which makes it far easier to clean the seat. You find more about this in the hinge section of this webpage.

Thermoset seats are traditionally in white, but you can also find a lot of color options. Depending on the manufacturing process used, the color can be added to the master batch of the thermoset material, or the seats can be coated with special foils – also available in wood or picture design – once they come out of the pressing machine.


 1.2 Plastic seats: Thermoplastic (polypropylene)

Synthetic resin (grains) softened and transformed by injection. 

The advantages:

– Shiny look 

– Unbreakable

– Interesting prices


– Static effects, not scratch resistant

– “plastic” look

– Often very lightweight (but therefore also cheap)


 1.3 Plastic seats: Resine

Resin toilet seats are more of a novelty than the norm in most bathrooms these days. Seats made from resin allow the manufacturer to make them any color, to make them see-through or even to embed other objects or patterns in the seat to create an interesting design object. Resin seats are also sometimes made with bright patterns, or with pictures or scenes built into the surface of the seat.


2.1 Wooden toilet seats: MDF wood (molded; compressed wood)

MDF (medium density fiberboard) seat manufacturers are using classical carpentry techniques of wooden sheets made up of wood flour coated in Synthetic resin transformed by compression and lacquering.

The seats consist of pressed wood fibers that are why they are also called compressed wood seats. Due to a multiple-layer coating, comfortable, easy-to-clean surface. The priming, the edge grinding and partially also the painting are normally handmade, most commonly in China.

MDF toilet seats are available in many colors and design options, the white seat still being the most popular seat to be sold. There are also differences in the way of manufacturing the seats, but principally it is always a mixture of synthetic resins with wood floors.


2.2 Wooden toilet seats: Natural or solid wood seats

The seats are often made of wood or bamboo. Wood and bamboo are natural products which can deviate from color and texture. Due to a multiple-layer coating, it’s the easy-to-clean surface is ensured but one that also keeps its natural look. Depending on the wood quality and the quality of the coating process, the durability of the seats can differ a lot. Oak, pine, and mahogany are materials very often used for wooden seats. Especially in the UK, real wood seats still play a major role in the market. By the way, also plastic seats are available in wood design, but this has nothing to do with wooden toilet seats. 


Make The Best Use Of Your Old Grolsch Bottles

Grolsch bottle as a vase

Used for bottling or a vase

If you are an avid beer bottle collector, then you will be surely possessing swing-top design Grolsch bottles with you which can be reused to create some of the most exquisite decorative items that might find a place in many of the common areas in your home. As swing top Grolsch bottles have the property of being resealed, most of the homeowners use this bottle to store homebrew beer or also for storing fresh juices in the undercounter ice maker for you. It is very important or you to sanitize the Grolsch bottles thoroughly before storing homemade beverages. The attractive looking green Grolsch bottles are the best flower vase that you can possibly think of using to decorate your dining table or a side table.

Showcase piece and as a candle stand

If you fill the green colored or hued Grolsch bottles with fine sand interspaced by small pebbles and rocks of various shades, the bottle will be one of the prized possessions that you can place in the showcase. Also, filling at least half the bottle with sand and then inserting a long candle inside the bottle will be one of the unique and stylish candles stands that you will ever possess. There are many more imaginations that you can think of wherein you will be able to use Grolsch bottles as a masterpiece decorative item. Be it in the bar or your living room or your bedroom, if you have the right mentality to create a unique look out of Grolsch bottles, then you have some of the most elegant, luxurious looking showcase pieces with you. So, what are you waiting for, grab hold of a couple of Grolsch bottles from any store and put your wacky brains to work to come up with various uses of Grolsch bottles

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Choose The Juice Extractor That Suits You


Fresh fruit juice is a healthy way to start a day and a juice made from home has its own essence and taste. Moreover, the juices prepared in shops are not as healthy as it looks. The extractors are not regularly cleaned up and a continuous extraction heats the machine, which results in the reduction of the nutritional value of the juice. Therefore, a juice extractor is essential in every kitchen to make it complete.

When buying a juicer, there are certain things to be considered. The first thing to be taken into consideration is the cleaning process that comes along with any extractor. Look for a machine with the less complicated cleaning process. Remember, it is for daily use. That being the case, a tedious cleaning process will make you easily give up juice preparation and consumption.

The second thing to be considered is the percentage yield. See to that, the amount of juice extracted for the fruit fed is optimum; otherwise, it results in wastage of money, energy, time and electricity. Also, take your taste and requirement into account. For instance, if you are fond of hard fruit juices such as apple juice, pineapple juice, etc. you have to go for masticating fruit extractors. Or if your choice is citrus fruit juice, you have to check out if the additional accessory to support citrus juice extraction comes along with the extractor.

The third thing to be considered is the material of the extractor. In general, a stainless steel juice extractor is recommended for it remains corrosion resistant and as a result delays oxidation. Therefore, the quality of the juice will not be affected. Though it decorates your kitchen with its royal looks and does not compromise on the quality of the extract, the cleaning process is quite tiring when compared to a plastic juice extractor. If you are conscious about health and can compromise on price, then stainless steel extractor should be your choice.

The last thing to be taken into consideration is the guarantee and warranty issuance. If a company fails to issue these papers, then your money might go in vain. Prompt and appropriate service is always appreciated. With the above-mentioned papers in your hand, service can be expected if your portable blending juice machine fails to work properly. See to that the spare parts of your machine are mentioned in the manual. To get a clear picture of the spare parts and its availability, talk to your dealer before purchase.

Fruit juice remains healthy only when the equipment is kept clean. All juice extractor comes with a complicated cleaning process. Cleaning is made easier when the spare parts are soaked in water for a while before you start to clean. Make use of a brush for blades to remove all the pulp. A healthy fruit juice facilitates a robust living.

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What are some most interesting breakfast table and chairs?

Breakfast tables are usually small and cozy set up for family only and can seat 2-4 people. They are used on a daily purpose for breakfast or any other major meal. Due to the daily utility, breakfast table and chairs need to be functionally equipped and simple. Breakfast table and chairs are set up in the kitchen area or close to it, and some houses may have a bigger dining table for hosting dinners or more number of guests. Here are some interesting breakfast table ideas to add to your kitchen area for a cozy meal with family:

interesting breakfast table and chairs

Tall tables

Simple tall black or colored table are minimally beautiful. If a colored table is used, it will add a pop of color in the kitchen and will look wonderful. Tall stools can be used instead of chairs and the setting can be converted into a bar at night time easily. An intricate vase with beautiful fresh flowers would complete the look of the table. Don’t overcrowd it, as a smaller size must be kept clutter free and simple.  Small rack shelves can be fixed on the side of the table to store bottles or kettles and sauces etc.

Glass table top

A glass table top breakfast table and chairs made of tall backrests would look modern, chic, and sleek. It looks sharp and goes wonderfully with maroon or navy walls. Glass table tops make the area appear spacious and clean. Ensure to keep the surrounding area clutter free and add colorful vases, sculptures or candles on the top to add color to it.

Vintage vibe

Cream or pink colored table with beautiful arches and carvings, along with white tufted leather chairs add a vintage vibe to the decor. This combined with a soft pink or pastel toned wall will add a romantic, Parisian charm to your kitchen area. If you are a fan of Paris and Eiffel tower, a wall decal of the same can be stuck to the wall behind the table to complete the Parisian vibe. Alternatively, a small miniature Eiffel tower can also be added on the table for a cutesy look.

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The impact of End Tables and Coffee Tables in a living room

When either of the end tables or the coffee tables are missing in a living room, it is not difficult to notice .though they are small furniture groups in the living room their role in the living room cannot be undermined. What makes them unique in the living room and why would you need them?

They are accented furniture

One thing about end tables and coffee tables is that they are accent chairs. By this, it means they give some tone to the living room interior design. If you say they are not the primary furniture, you will be right. They are indeed additions but very useful for the living room to living out its usefulness.

The material added to your living room designs

Both end tables and coffee tables can be made of any design material and in any shape desired. It is however common to find wood as a material than you will find other material types. Much often, coffee tables are designed in rectangular shapes while the end tables are often square shapes. The end tables are often higher in height compared to the coffee tables. In a living room, it is customary to find one coffee table at the center of the living room and several end tables at every edge possible by the side of a sofa. They are so designed for the diverse role they play in the living room functionality.

Functionality aspect of the designs

When sitting on a couch and you need to place a bottle of drink somewhere, it is the end table that you’d look around for because it is designed to be close by. They are such handy small tables you’ll need at this time to make your living room experience more comfortable. Every edge of the living room couch should have one at least for this purpose.
The coffee table is not just for coffee serving alone. Your magazines, quick reads, and some minor items can be stored in the storage locations that come with some designs of the coffee table.

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How to Choose Design of Computer Table

Design of Computer Table is one of the difficult things to choose these days as there is a huge variety available in the market. There are many things that should be kept in your mind when you are deciding the design of the computer table.

For whom you are buying:

The first thing that should be noticed is for whom you are buying the table. Is that you who will be working on that table or is it for your kids? If you are buying it for your kids, it can a bit fancy and colorful. It can be of some stylish look. Kids also like pasting stickers on their tables. So, the design should be such that they don’t need to paste any sort of stickers and they are already there in the shape of some designing. If you are buying it for yourself, it depends on what you do. If you are a rock star, you may want it to be bold and fashionable. If you are a student, you need it to be decent and simple.

Where to Place it:

Secondly, you need to realize where you will place it. Will it be placed in the living room or personal room? Make sure that you buy the design that is compatible with the overall look of the room. If your room is modern, the table should also be modern and vice versa.


Next, you need to determine the size. For that, you must know the size of the computer, the space you want on the table and the space you have available. Keeping all these things in mind, get a design that complements all.


The material should also be considered when looking for the perfect design. Tables are available in different materials including wood, glass, and metal being the favorite. You can choose any materials you like. There is no hard and fast rule. If it is for kids, make sure that it is safe enough.
There are hundreds of shops and online stores that can help you buy the perfect design of the computer table. Feel free to ask them.

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How to Arrange Decorations on Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables are household items proposed for use as required and are intended to build the room’s usefulness. The lounge or family room is the place you unwind and engage. Choosing the correct blend of tables to supplement the room’s principle reason and its stylistic theme will make the room a more agreeable place to invest energy.

How to Arrange Decorations on Occasional Tables

Foot tools:

Footstools stand low to the floor and are perfect for setting before a couch or sofa. They can likewise be called mixed drink tables. A footstool is an ideal place to put a container, a bowl of munchies, perusing material or the remote control. Many sorts of end tables incorporate extra stockpiling choices, for example, concealed compartments, racks, drawers and glass lift-tops for showing collectibles.

End tables:

End tables are by and large put adjacent to a seat or on either side of a couch. Since they are typically coordinated the style and material of the end table, they can fit a room. They include usefulness by giving a place to errand lighting and different things you might want to keep close within reach. End tables are otherwise called side tables.

Support tables:

Support tables can also b used to decorate Occasional Tables. They are expected to lean against a divider or couch. They are likewise alluded to as couch tables. A reassure table is a perfect approach to grandstand those embellishing touches that add character to your home. The most famous shapes for a comfort table are rectangular and half-moon. They can add modernity to a foyer, parlor or lounge area, particularly on the off chance that they incorporate glass beat or retires.

When acquiring Occasional Tables for your lounge room or family room, remember that numerous retailers and makers offer foot stool sets. A footstool set is assembled to incorporate distinctive sorts of intermittent tables, for example, two end tables and one end table. It is a helpful approach to enliven or redesign a room since all the furniture pieces in the set are as of now coordinated in style and wrap up. Purchasing a footstool set is, for the most part, more conservative too.

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Home Office Executive Desk – Excellent Style for the Modern Home Office

Contemporary – when used to portray a specific style has for long been confounded. The right importance of the expression “Contemporary Style” really implies – Conformation to an advanced form or configuration culture – a la mode thoughts and impact. Which truly implies that anything that is made that is not impacted somehow by the past will be viewed as contemporary style. Gratefully it is off the beat path next is to discuss contemporary Executive Desk work areas.

Home Office Executive Desk

Homestyle patterns:

The main point to investigate in this article is the extremely intriguing plan patterns of home office Executive Desk work areas and in addition the impact this has on the general style of the outline and stylistic theme of the space. The way innovation is advancing, it is predicted that in the following twenty or even thirty years a vast bit of the workforce will telecommute – it just bodes well and is far less expensive and additional time proficient.

Impact of modern Executive Desk work area:

Before diving into a portion of the better known contemporary home office work area plans, here is a recap on the significance of contemporary: “present-day form sense, current outline impact.” The main component that one ought to pay special mind to is that relatively few will be a square or even rectangular shape unless obviously it is produced using an unusual wacky material – you would rather observe more bends and perhaps maybe a couple of odd shapes like “half moons”. With regards to the materials being utilized as a part of the generation of contemporary home office work areas, there is as yet solid dependability to wood.

Modern-day impact:

For the ultra present day setting, you will find that glass and chrome blended with gritty materials like wood and significantly leather accents is the request of the day. The lines are as a general rule clean and also exact. The measure of the contemporary Executive Desk office work area can basically be anything, on the grounds that in the event that you are hoping to make something that has not been done before you practically have a permit to do whatever.

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Get a Retro Coffee Table to Add Style to your Living Spaces

Bring a modern style and functionality to your living room with a hardwood retro coffee table. It is constructed with a hardwood top with lamination and gunmetal legs. It makes the living room look less cluttered.

Retro Coffee Table

A coffee Table with Elegant Design

The coffee table brings sleek and contemporary design into the living room which the guests would surely love to enjoy. It is ideal for small spaces instead of bulky furniture. It leaves enough space to easily move around. The top of the coffee table is natural wood color and the legs have a black distressed finish.

The table can be used to hold a vase, magazines, and snacks when entertaining. It easily blends with the furniture in the room. The price of the table is very affordable.

Make your Living Room Comfortable with a Coffee Table in Retro Style

The retro coffee table is constructed from engineered wood with tapering legs. It is quite spacious to hold magazines and artifacts besides leaving enough space for your cup of tea. The legs are given a black wood finish that blends well with the furniture in the room.

The top of the table is given a natural wood finish with a black border all around, Since it is made from engineered wood of quality it will provide good service. You can clean it easily by wiping with a soft lint cloth.

Get Multi-Functional Coffee Table for Your Home

Coffee tables can be used for so many functions. They are always there to be used when and where you need them. They can be used to hold your favorite magazines or hold your snacks when you relax in the evenings. It can also be used to put up your feet when you watch your TV.

They are constructed from solid oak wood with a strong top, shelf, and spindly legs. When required you can place a cushion and use for sitting. The lower shelf can hold all the artifacts and magazines while the top should be left free for other purposes

If you are deciding to get a retro coffee table to choose one that you can use in your multiple tasks.